Cold Asphalt


Cold-process ready-to-use asphalt packaged in 25 kg drums.

2R cold-process asphalt is the ideal product for the repair of road potholes, although it may be used for other purposes, some of which are detailed below:

- Installation of manholes covers and road grates.

- Adaptation of access ramps.

- Installation of rumble strips for traffic control.
- Construction of small cambers

- Asphalting of small areas.

- Installation of anti-skid strips on ramps.


Cold-process asphalt, packaged and ready for use.

- Quick, clean and long-lasting repairs.

- No need for pre or post-treatment of the area being repaired.

- Applied cold directly from the drum.

- Easy-to-use, no need for specific machinery or specialist personnel.

- Hardens at atmospheric temperature in contact with the air.

- Compacts easily with the use of appropriate tools (roller, handheld rammer, power tamper, shovel, etc).

- Does not give off any unpleasant smells.

- Once used, the remainder of the product is still fit for use.

- Will not crack, maintaining flexibility after hardening.

- Resistant and long-lasting in accordance with approved laboratory tests.

- The ideal composition of the product ensures it adheres perfectly to a wide range of different materials (cement, concrete, asphalt, wood, iron, etc).

- The regular quality checks conducted on both raw and manufactured materials enable us to guarantee the quality and consistency of the product.

Instructions for use

Method of application:

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A 25 kg drum of de 2R\'s covers an area of 1 m2 to a depth of around 1.5 cm.


The product is delivered on 48-unit strapped pallets (1,200 kg) in accordance with both domestic and international transportation requirements.

International deliveries are made in 20-foot containers.